Mustapha Audu Speaks On Sugabelly Alleged Rape Story

By Philip Obin

Just a quick one to inform you that my client, Mustapha Audu is quite disturbed about the trending ‪#‎Sugabelly‬ false accusations against him and his friends, online, especially as he tries to align with the reality of the death of his beloved father.

While I plead with you to apply caution over the allegations, as he (Mustapha has already initiated legal process), I want to assure you that all the allegations flying online are baseless, fales and totally untrue.

You will receive next from me, in a moment, a comprehensive report of what really transpired between Sugabelly (Lotanna Igwe-Odunze), how she wanted Mustapha to marry her at all cost, and when that failed, she resulted to cheap blackmaik to gain cheap publicity to promote her blogging career, as well sending associates behind to ask for pay-off from Mustapha.

My next mail will reveal and contain shocking details, email conversations, confession of love, ‘wild things’, imaginations, nude pictures of her sent to Mustapha, in efforts to get Mustapha back, plus how she was ‘rapped’, and kept recalling such ugly experiences. The emails are well dated.

Kindly stay tuned.

Philip Obin,
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