Mustapha Audu’s Wife Curses Sugabelly; Defends Husband Over Rape Accusations (TWEETS)

Wife to Mustapha Audu, Sugabelly’s alleged rapist has taken to Twitter to curse Sugabelly for lying against her husband and saying he raped her and caused her to be gang raped when she was just 17 years old.
According to the story Zahra, Mustapha’s wife is telling, Sugabelly was a troubled teenager with a history of mental illness. Zahra says she is an obsessive compulsive liar, a lady that stalked her when she first got married to Mustapha.
Zahra insists Sugabelly was not raped and she prays Sugabelly experiences all she claims she has lived through. And also, every single person who has accused, enabled, spread this rubbish stories about her husband, that she prays from her soul that they will have their karma. Every single person who feels that at a time when we should be grieving we need to deal with this nonsense. ® Copyright © 2014 MGO Group. All Rights Reserved.